PX 218
Power in PS
Torque in Nm
seconds from 0-100 km/h
max. velocity
Weight in kg
  • In-line four-cylinder Suzuki GSX-R 600 transversely mounted
  • Aluminium choke
  • Self-developed airbox with intake manifold length adjustment
  • Self-developed plastic oil pan, gearshift roller and self-developed fuel system
  • Fuel: Super plus
  • self-developed titanium exhaust system incl. muffler
  • Engine control unit Bosch MS6.1 Sport with 3 setups
  • Cooling concept without fan
  • removed alternator
  • max. lateral acceleration (20Hz filter) 1,8 g
  • average lateral acceleration 1,5 g
  • max. longitudinal pos. acceleration (20Hz filter) 1.2 g
  • Average longitudinal positive acceleration 0.48 g
  • max. longitudinal negative acceleration (20Hz filter)
    1,65 g
  • Average longitudinal negative acceleration 1.20 g
  • Double wishbone pushrod suspension, welded steel construction
  • Topology-optimised wheel carrier manufactured using the SLM process
  • 3-way adjustable KW Formula Student damper
  • Brake: self-developed brake disc design with floating disc
  • Tyres: Hoosier 7.5×18.0-R10
  • Rims made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic
  • Functional integration: wheel hub-rim star
  • CFK fullmonocoque
  • Crashbox: CFRP (integrated in fairing)
  • Sandwich construction of CFRP and aramid honeycomb core
  • Differential holder integrated in motor connection
  • Thrust field in the rear
  • Seat adapted to the driver
  • Power transmission via chain and Drexler multi-disc limited slip differential to rear axle
  • Modified 3-speed gearbox (N,1, 2, 4)
  • Electric gearstick with automatic ignition angle return
  • Gearstick via rockers on the steering wheel/auto blip
  • Anti-hopping clutch with pneumatic actuation
  • Completely modular cable harness (own development)
  • 1Mbit/s high-speed CAN bus system
  • Engine control unit Bosch MS6.1 Sport
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Self-developed circuit boards in steering wheel, cockpit, shifter, sensor board and clutch
  • Integrated data logger for chassis data
  • Self-developed electronic accelerator pedal
  • removed alternator
  • Front wing made of 19 elements
  • Covering wings in front of the rear tyres
  • Cooling system symmetrically distributed on both sides
  • Underbody designed as a wing profile with subsequent rear diffuser
  • optimised rear wing with five elements
  • Downforce 670N at 18m/s
  • Drag 310N at 18m/s