You are looking for new challenges? Then you have the possibility to work academically in cooperation with the UPBracing team. You can write your bachelor or master thesis, but seminar papers and other projects are also possible. Here you can find an overview about the task that are done within the UPBracing Team and that could be of interest to you.


  • CFD simulation of the  vehicle
  • stream simulation around the vehicle
  • analysis of resisting forces and uplift forces
  • influence of driver, spinning wheels and rolling roadway
  • construction and simulation of an aerodynamics kit consisting of front wing, rear wing and diffuser
  • derivation of collective operating load from test drives for the dimensioning of structural work
  • optimal usage of materials (lightweight constructionn), dependent on operating time and load type
  • analysis of torsional stiffness for definition of target values for relevant body parts
    ⇒minimising  dynamic differences in wheel load
  • interpretation of structural parts with regard to the demands of concept, manufacutring, material an structural construction
  • construction of a test bench for measuring torsional stiffness
  • analysis of data with Matlab to make decisions about choice of wheels, gearing and steering kinematics
  • development of a steering kinematic for an anti Ackermann steering for the optimal usage of the absorbable shear force 
  • development of a one-pieced wishbone package made of composites 


  • induction in engine control and engine application as well as supervision of test bench
  • adjustment of control unit for optimal tuning of performance and fuel consumption
  • development of tractional control and implementation into the engine control unit 
    ⇒optimal usage of absorbable longitudinal force of tires
  • mechatronic modell for regulation of suction tube length adjustment
  • concept creation of electronical powertrain
    ⇒shift from combustion engine with rear wheel drive to electric motor with four wheel drive 


  • development of a marketing strategy for our Formula Student race car including market analysis
  • calculation of investment costs and economic efficiency
  • presentation on international events 


  • acquisition of sponsors and relationship maintaining
  • responsibility for financing and sponsoring 
  • establishing contact to companies and maintaining co-operations
  • team marketing: creation of information and advertisement material of the UPBracing Team
  • administration of website and social media accounts
  • development of marketing strategies and public relations