General Information

  • power 85 hp
  • torsional movement 63Nm
  • weight 228kg
  • acceleration 0-100Km/h 4.0s (without AdvTC)
  • acceleration 115km/h


  • water-cooled straight-type four-cylinder Suzuki GSR-600 transversely mounted
  • self-developed airbox
  • fuel: E85 


  • CFRP monocoque
  • crashbox: CFRP (integrated in fairing)
  • CFRP fairing, strengthened with sandwich


  • double wishbone suspenison made of self-developed CFRP profiles
  • modified and adjustable Koni Formula 3 damper
  • H&R and Eibach coil spring
  • brake:AP Racing CP4226 and CP4227 diameter: 220mm Anzahl number of pistons: front 4 rear 2
  • tires: Hoosier 


  • power transmission via chain and Drexler lamellar limited slip differential
  • modified four-speed gearbox (removal of fourth and sixth gear)
  • electric gearshift with spark retard
  • gearshift via shift paddles on steering wheel
  • anti-hopping clutch with pneumatic actuation 

Control System

  • CAN-bus system
  • freely programmable Open-Squirt
  • engine control unit