A good ranking position is even more valuable if it is based on performance instead of luck. In the Formula Student, no season is like the previous one as the competition is constantly changing. Today a concept which would have led to a top ten position two years ago would not perform well anymore. Of course, the regulations are constantly adjusted as well. Nonetheless an increase in requirements is generally observable. To keep up, we are continuously lowering the race-car's weight and renewing our concepts as well as looking for even better production theory.

For the first time since 2009 the UPBracing Team was on an event in Italy. We expected quite a lot due to numerous stories from other teams and previous team members. The official hand book containted prestigious names: Ferrari, Maserati, Dallara (main sponsor of the event). We traveled more than 14 hours to join the event and spent the first day (Thursday) with setting up our equipment at the campsite and the box. We instantly like the race track of the small town Varano de Melegari (close to Parma).

For nine years the UPBracing Team is a place for students from all fields of study with a high interest in motorsports. Also for this season many dedicated student of the University of Paderborn have come together to realise the project PX215.

It is the 10th anniversary of the Formula Student and of course we are participating again. All in all we achieved rank 32 of 75 combustion race cars and we are very happy about it considering the strict FSG regulations. We improved our performance in comparison to last year as we managed to obtain many points in the dynamic disciplines. For example, we finished on rank 22 in the discipline of acceleration in which we only finished on rank 40 last season.

The rollout of the new race car PX214 is the most important moment of the year for all members of the UPBracing team. P stands for Paderborn, X2 for two-wheeled vehicle and 14 for the year 2014. On Saturday, 14/06/14, we presented the PX214 to the public in the main auditorium of the University of Paderborn. Amongst the invited guests were our numerous sponsors as well as employees of the university, students and family members of the team.